• What is the difference between an antiperspirant and deodorant?

    A deodorant helps control odour, while an antiperspirant helps control both odour and wetness.

  • What’s the best way to use Lady Speed Stick®?

    Lady Speed Stick® antiperspirant should be applied daily to underarms only.

  • Can I use Lady Speed Stick® on other areas of the body?

    Lady Speed Stick® products are designed for underarm use only.

  • What causes sweat?

    Sweat is the healthy response from our body to cool itself down. Sweat can be caused by:

    Temperature: Body temperature increases when ambient temperature rises. Sweat evaporation on the skin helps cools our body down.
    Emotions: Emotional stress increases our heart beats and triggers our body's production of sweat.
    Food: Ingestion of certain foods increases metabolism and leads to elevation in body temperature. This is also known as Gustatory sweating.

  • Does sweat causes body odour?

    Sweat does not actually have odour; rather it is the "odour causing" bacteria normally found in our underarm region, as well as in other parts of our body, that causes body odour.

  • At what age should I start using these products?

    The age at which you should start using an antiperspirant will vary. Typically, you will have a need to use an antiperspirant when you start perspiring, which will be around puberty.

  • What do I do if I develop a rash from using this?

    If you are sensitive to one or more of the ingredients in Lady Speed Stick, it may cause a rash on the site of contact. If this occurs, discontinue use. If the irritation continues, please seek medical attention.

    We manufacture a wide variety of products to meet the different needs and desires of our consumers. If one product does not agree with you, please contact us at our toll-free number at 1-800-268-6757 and we will be happy to recommend an alternative for you.